GMA7 Reporter Joseph Morong, Malisyosong Kinonekta ang Fake News Site sa DU30 Gov't ayon sa Political Analyst!

Sa isang social media post, binanatan ni Political Analyst Sass Rogando Sasot ang GMA7 at ang reporter nitong si Joseph Morong dahil sa malisyoso umanong pagkonekta sa isang fake news website sa Duterte Government.

Ayon kay Sasot, lazy journalism ang ginawa ni Morong dahil imbis na mag-ibmistiga ay tinawagan agad-agad ng reporter si Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque para tanungin kung konektado ba ang naturang website sa kampo ni Pangulong Duterte.

Ang Fake news website na tinutukoy ni Sasot na iniulat ni Morong ay ang Ayon kay Sasot ang naturang site ay pagmamay-ari ng isang nagngangalang Scanver Solar.

Basahin ang buong paliwanag ni Sass kung bakit niya tinawag na lazy journalism o tamad na journalismo ang ginawa ng GMA News sa isyung ito.


Dear Joseph Morong and GMA Network:

I just watched the recent episode of Fact or Fiction with Joseph Morong. In that episode, you featured the fake news website called


You see we expect you to improve, especially after how Thinking Pinoy and I have shown how one can unravel the anonymous identity of some sites. Something we demonstrated when we revealed that Cocoy Dayao is the web administrator of Pinoy Ako Blog and the owner of the google ad sense account raking in the Google Ad revenues of Madam Claudia and Silent No More.

Instead of actually investigating to find out the person behind it, Joseph Morong called Harry L. Roque to verify if is an "official" social media channel of the administration. That for me isn't only lazy investigative journalism but idiotic, and a tad malicious.

Is Harry Roque the best person you can get to determine the owner of If you actually did an investigation, you would find out that he's not.

So let me do the investigation for you, and hopefully you'd be humble enough to replicate this technique.

First, when was the domain name registered and where was it registered? results revealed that it was registered on October 9, 2017 through

Second, now this gets exciting...Since the registrant was wise enough to pay to keep his name private, there are still ways to find out who owns the domain name.

Well, in the first place, the registrant wasn't quick enough to hide all his information. Whoxy results revealed his address. The person lives in Maguindanao. I archived the whoxy result, and you can find it here:

Third, we also know that has Google Ads. Because it has google ads, it will have a Google Adsense Publisher ID.

A Google Publisher ID is a unique ID given to anyone who would like to earn from posting letting Google post ads on their website.

So what is the Google Adsense Publisher ID of We can find it in its HTML code, which is: 2164438302470034.

Fourth, we also know the contact email of :

So this is the fun part...Identifying the person or the best possible person for us to know the person behind that fake news website....

So here's the fifth...

Fifth, Joseph Morong and your lazy team, there's a tool called Reverse AdSense Search. What it does is to give you all the websites where that Google AdSense ID could be found. One of the online websites that provide that service is

So I did a reverse adsense search. Here's what I found out...

Besides, the Google Adsense ID could also be found in the following now-defunct websites:



Number 2 is interesting...It's a website surely meant to confuse the public (or perhaps rake in possible ad revenues) by imitating Thinking Pinoy's website.

Here's the screenshot of that reverse google adsense id search result:…/Screen%20Shot%202018-04-09%20at%2…

Sixth, the registrant of might be wise enough to hide his name, but he was stupid enough not to hide his name when he registered and

Whoxy results revealed that, a certain SCANVER SOLAR registered on May 4, 2017 via Go Daddy. Scanver Solar also registered

(Whoxy result for

(Whoxy result for

The person named Scanver Solar even used the contact email he used in ( to register

Seventh, actually has a mirror blogspot page. The address of the page is This is interesting because the Facebook Page that blog connected itself with is the @KittyDuterteOfficial Page, an FB Page that once claimed to be Kitty Duterte's FB Page. So Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines), I hope you do something about it.

So there you have it Mr Joseph Morong...that's how you do a proper investigation.

So, instead of MALICIOUSLY linking that fake news website to the Duterte administration, you guys should have WORKED HARD to INVESTIGATE. You have lots of resources at your disposal. And you can't do a simple search like this?" sabi ni Sasot.

Ito po ang naturang ulat ni Morong na tinutukoy ni Sasot.

Basahin ang naging reaksyon ng mga tao sa pinagagawa ni Morong.

Anong masasabi niyo sa ginawa ng reporter ng GMA News?

Source: GMA News | Sass Sasot

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