Cabinet Sec. Evasco, Sinusuway si P.DU30? Mga Pangyayari, Isiniwalat ng mga DDS Bloggers!

Ayon sa social media post ng blogger na si Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles na isa ring consultant sa National Food Authority (NFA), tila sinusuway umano ni Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte pagdating sa isyu ng rice importation.

Ito po ang buong pahayag ni Atty. Cruz-Angeles sa diumano'y nangyari.

"Ok, ngayon ko lang nakuha ang kumpletong kwento sa nangyari sa NFA. Sources at the agency narrated to us that immediately at the start of the meeting, the President declared [na] "dapat marami ang inventory ng NFA." Then he jokingly told his economic managers on the Board, to go look for money for it. Later, he turned to Admin Jason Aquino and said, "Jason, I gave you a directive to implement the importation. Did you inform the council?" To which of course, Admin Aquino said he did. Admin Aquino later was asked to make a presentation pero bago sya nakaumpisa, the president said, "Jason, sorry, I'll cut you [off] muna. Then he proceeded to introduce the admin to the Board, and inform them of Aquino's achievements prior to his appointment as NFA. Pinakilala nya kung sino si Aquino. The President then said that he wanted the importation to be executed immediately. Later, he directed Admin Aquino to submit to him DIRECTLY the latter's recommendations for NFA. Aquino promised to forward the draft proposed NFA bill. Eto na. Mas interesting kasi ang nangyari AFTER umalis ang Pangulo... After the President left, and after the DBP representative Jumamil made a presentation, Cabinet Secretary Evasco expressed a desire to DELAY the importation. Sumangayon dito si DBP representative Jumamil at si NEDA representative Sombilla. Tumutol naman si DTI Sec. Lopez na nagsabi, "we have to implement the President's directive." Yon din ang sinabi ni Admin Aquino, na maliwanag naman ang direktiba ng Pangulo. Tuloy-tuloy ang panayam ni CabSec Evasco na i-delay ang importation. Tuloy tuloy ang sermon, dahil wala na ang pangulo. Sinangayunan sya ng ilang myembro ng council na Cabinet Secretary, (hindi kasama si Sec. Pinol sa mga ito) Ending, mukhang hindi pa rin nila papayagan si Admin Aquino na i-execute yung directive ng Presidente. Pero mag report si Admin kay Pangulo. Abangan." pagsisiwalat ni Cruz-Angeles.

Sa isa ring social media post, binanatan din ni RJ Nieto aka ThinkingPinoy si Evasco.

"CABINET SEC EVASCO WANTS ANOTHER KIDAPAWAN MASSACRE? National Food Authority's rice stocks have been depleted, affecting over 10 million poor Filipinos who heavily rely on cheap NFA rice. Despite this, the NFA Council, headed by Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco, has repeatedly refused to implement cheap government-to-government rice importation (G2G). CabSec Evasco, is said to be part of PRRD's "Top 3", along with SAP Bong Go and Executive Sec. Bingbong Medialdea. The NFA Council, allegedly with Evasco's prodding, ignored the president's orders by insisting on importing via private channels that, as we all know, are controlled by the Rice Cartel whose primary interest is Profit and not Public Service. Exasperated, Pres. Rody Duterte decided to head the latest NFA Council meeting himself. During the meeting, he expressly ordered that G2G importation ASAP. However, right after he left the meeting, Evasco reportedly told the NFA councilmen to DELAY the G2G importation, in absolute defiance of the President's orders. But Evasco's preferential treatment for the Rice Cartel isn't anything new. Last year, his trusted lieutenant, Usec. Maia Valdez, accorded special treatment to rice importers, again in defiance of President Duterte's orders. The President fired Valdez. Unfortunately, it appears that Evasco hasn't learned his lesson a year later, as he continues to act like he's above the President. What, exactly, drives him to go this far? Being a former NPA rebel, I expected Evasco to be familiar with the needs of the masses. With his recent actions, however, he appears to be very willing to risk another Kidapawan Rice Riots, where poor farmers protested in front of the the Kidapawan NFA, begging for rice. Hanlon's Razor states that we shouldn't attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained by stupidity. But I'm certain Evasco isn't stupid, so has Evasco been co-opted by the Rice Cartel in exchange for, perhaps, funding for his Bohol Gubernatorial Bid? Is the NFA another case of regulatory capture, just like what happened with the Department of Health (Philippines) and the Food and Drug Administration Philippines vis-a-vis the Dengvaxia Scandal? Does Evasco wish to see poor kids drop out of school, get sick, and die from starvation? And does he wish to see the masses, the parents, uncles, aunts, and friends of these kids revolt against the President? Does Evasco want another Kidapawan Massacre? Mr. President, I look forward to the massive cabinet revamp, and please do it as soon as you can. Thank you.," sabi ni ThinkingPinoy.

Ito po ang naging reaksyon ng mga tao sa pagbubunyag na ito tungkol kay Cabinet Secretary Evasco.

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan | ThinkingPinoy

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